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Re: Shantae : Half Genie Hero - La campagne s'achève sur un
le mail que j'ai reçu:
Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for making Shantae: Half-Genie Hero a reality! We could not have done this without YOU!!! We’re absolutely committed to making this game everything it can be! You not only funded the game, but also s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d all the way to Risky Boots Mode, 2 Bonus Chapters, and 3 additional costumes to be enjoyed by everyone once the game releases next year. The final tally is…

Kickstarter = $776,084.00

PayPal = $35,878.00

Total Pledges: $811,962.00
We will continue to send out updates regularly! In the meantime we will keep PayPal open, and any additional pledges will STILL be eligible for any remaining Reward Tiers. New PayPal pledges will be applied to our next Stretch Goals. If you have additional questions, please visit www.wayforward.com or send us an email at support@wayforward.com

Thank you once again! We've had an incredible time working with you so far, and look forward to the journey ahead!
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Re: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Platinum Games se confi
Kira340 Wrote:
Eaque Wrote:Un MGS sans Kojima ce n'est pas un MGS .. O0

Tout à fait d'accord.
Seulement, je pense que ça reste quand même un bon jeu d'action.

Sa reste un jeux d'action certes , mais sans la pâte de Kojima sa reste un MGS sans aucune valeur .. O0

I'm not a hero... never was... never will be... :-*
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Re: Jailbreak 3GS 5.0.1
Ay, pour les exporter de ton HTC je peux pas trop aider, je vais chercher quand même
mais si t'arrive à les mettre sur ton ordi, je pourrais sans doute mieux t'aider..



I believe this is a known issue with the sense people app - when you create a new contact you need to save it as a "google" contact, not a phone contact, in order for it to sync. Unfortunately as far as I can see there is no way to change the contact type on an existing contact.

The simplest method I can suggest is to use HTC Sync to get the contacts onto your friends computer - from there export them (from the PIM software - i.e. Outlook) as a CSV file, then open up Gmail, click on the Contacts link in the left pane, then on the "Import" link in the upper right. From there choose the CSV file and it will import the contacts to the google account and from there sync down to your friends phone.

Although I haven't tried it with the latest HTC Sync, I know that it wouldn't sync up with Outlook 2010 beta or tech preview. Certainly I spent a very long day making my Gmail contacts list actually useable when I first got a Hero!

Hope this helps,

Tu as HTC Sync?
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