[PS3] - webMAN MOD v1.30.15 : Nouvelles commandes FTP

[PS3] - webMAN MOD v1.30.15 : Nouvelles commandes FTP

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webMAN MOD revient sur le devant de la scène underground avec une nouvelle mise à jour estampillé v1.30.15 Multi19.
Cette nouvelle mise à jour intégré quelques nouvelles commandes pour le site FTP décrite dans le Log ci dessous.

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.15 Multi 19:
Added 4 new ftp SITE commands:
SITE FLASH <- Toggle /dev_blind via FTP
SITE CHMOD nnn folder/file <- Set permissions to files/folders
SITE COPY folder/file <- Set the source folder or file to be copied using SITE PASTE
SITE PASTE destination <- Copy the file/folder to the destination path

Updated the languages files to ensure an improved load speed
Increased the width for the html tables of settings. It should display the settings better is many languages (less word wraps)
Moved the language files to the folder: /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_lang
Updated the installer to copy the language files to that folder and remove the existing ones on /tmp
Updated Polish (Thanks mpq1671 & Raskolnikow)

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.14 Multi 19:
- Fixed a regression that prevented to mount second game and perform other tasks.
- Updated Hungarian and Bulgarian translations.
- Changed html error codes responses from 200 to 400/503

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.13 Multi 19:
- Bug fix in the address for Pokes
- Highlight poke value
- Translated "Not found!" to the other 18 languages.
Code: Select All Code
Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.12 Multi 19:
- More bug fixes in the peek/poke function.
- Found value is now highlighted
- Better integration with PS3 Web Debugger

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.11 Multi 19:
- Fixed various bugs in the peek/poke function.
- Added web command to search value:

The {hex-value} for poke/find commands now can be 8bit/16bit/32bit/64bit.

WARNING: Use poke with caution!!!

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.10 Multi 19:
- Fixed issue with blank titles when parsing PARAM.SFO with multiple TITLE
- Added ability to peek/poke lv1/lv2 using web commands:


Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.9 Multi 19:
- Enabled a fast auto eject/insert when a game is mounted on nonCobra CFW
- Added option to scan a user defined path indicated in the COVERS_PATH entry of the language file.
- Added option "Disable startup notification of WebMAN on the XMB" to the web panel.
- Updated language files with this new entry.

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.8 Multi 19 (fix9):
- Fixed a missing quotes that prevented the 'Copy Folder' work on the web interface.
- Fixed "webMAN loaded" notification not being translated.
- Updated Italian language for the new Copy functions.
- Fixed the issue not scanning the "video" folder on non-Cobra editions.
- Fixed an error listing net host files
- Re-added scan for covers in WMTMP folder like before
- Hrvat → Hrvatski
- Addressed a rare case where webMAN generates a blank name in mygames.xml for ISO games inside /dev_hdd0/PS3ISO
- Added Bulgarian language (thanks to Dzver).
- Removed the option "Remove cfw syscall at startup" option for noncobra
- Fixed "Copy Finished" displayed unstranslated.

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.8 Multi 18:
- Addressed the duplicate “My Games” issue in the installer. (Thanks zar)
- Added new “Copy Folder” option to the File browser.
- Added option to copy individual files using /copy.ps3/
- Replaced some copy code in mount_with_mm with the new copy functions.
- Re-made the get covers / icons. Merged all related code in 3 functions.
- Added Croatian language. Updated Hungarian.
- Added new labels to all languages for the new Copy function.

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.7 Multi 17:
- Added display of webMAN startup notification on non-Cobra CFW.
- Fixed PL language. Thanks to Raskolnikow.
- Improved the algorithm for covers scanning: only existing folders are scanned.
- Set back the minimum allowed fan speed to 25.

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.6 Multi 17:
- Disabled temporarily the upload of category_game.xml to dev_flash in the installer until the issue of duplicated "My Games" is verified.
- Expanded the allowed size of 3 notification messages to fix issue with Greek language.

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.5 Multi 17:
- Added option to display the ID of the game in the title.
- Fixed issue that prevented the display of the covers.
- Fixed issue with English language not displaying (TM) on some labels.

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.4 Multi 17:
- The updater now can upload into flash a modified category_game.xml, if the webMAN's My Games entry is missing
- Fixed a bug switching languages
- Fixed a bug in the label "Show PSP Launcher"
- Added language: Modern Greek
- Correct encode UTF-8-BOM for Korean language file
- Change some signs utf-8 to unicodes

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.3 Multi 16:
- Labels on setup.ps3 now are clickable, making it easier to change the settings on touch devices.
- Language now can be changed without have to restart.
- Fixed issue displaying popup messages in English.
- Enabled the Minimum speed to fan control on setup.ps3. Increased the allowed minimum from 25 to 30.
- webMAN Setup on My Games now displays webMAN menu from XMB Manager Plus (if it's installed)
- New get_icon function scans for covers in the following directories:

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.2 Multi 16:
- Added support for Korean language [Translation by]
- Addressed a data type issue spoofing IDPS/PSID.
- Setup form is created using these functions: addcheckbox, addoptionitem, addradiobutton

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.1 Multi 15:
- Now webMAN notifies when it's loaded.
- Added a ccapi version by request. It must be installed manually. Do not ask for technical support about it.
- External language templates for English and XX were included in the installer.
- Changed the combo to enable/disable the Fan Control now is R2+L3+START

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.0 Multi 15:
- Added support for cfw 4.60
- Added Habib’s fixes that solve the errors 80010017 and 8001002b when running ISO with updates with disc inside.
- Added "breadcrumbs-style" navigation to the file browser.
- Fixed a bug with the combos and also activated ps2emu switch for future 4.60 cobra.

Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.29.4 Multi 15:
- Added Japanese language by Rudolph
- Added Polish language by Raskolnikow
- Added spoof 4.60 for cfw cobra 4.46 and 4.55
- Added combo R1+L3+O for fast/soft reboot
- Split covers scan folder between cobra et noncobra version
- PKG Installer minor update for cfw noncobra (still in progress)
- Changes languages name to UTF-8 in web panel, better compatibilty for non latin smartphone/pc browser

Source Code:

After these changes, asian users must select again your language in web panel, also now cobra plugin of this mod don't scan mM cover folder anymore, you need to switch your covers to /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp i did that for gain more memory/size for this plugin
NonCobra CCAPI build is canceled, too many bugs report since i started this mod so i don't support officially anymore sorry.

Enjoy cfw users, and thanks again guys all those who translated this mod in all languages!

webMAN 1.29.3 (2014/6/24) mod by Orion90:

- Added to spoof 4.60 on CFW 4.46 Cobra.
- Based on the latest version of the developer M@atsumot0

Link to Source Code (Installer + webMAN-MOD)

webMAN 1.29.3 (2014/3/17) mod by M@atsumot0:

+ Added Arabic support (only with fonts pack)
+ Added Chinese support
- Bug fixes checkbox for control fan activate/deactivate on the web panel.

webMAN MOD 1.29.3 (2014/3/15) update details:
- /dev_habib is now not unmounted to prevent a freeze on 4.55
- Fixed the problem with Spanish/German not translate webMAN XMB Menu

webMAN MOD 1.29.3 update details:

+ Added feature or noticeable improvement
- Bug fix or something removed
* Changed or Information

+ Created an user-friendly smart installer/updater for Cobra and NonCobra
(NonCobra CCAPI isn't included under pkg file) available separately

+ Updated IDPS/PSID spoof for cfw 4.55 at system startup

+ Display of your IDPS LV2 updated for cfw 4.55 in the web panel
/cpursx.ps3 or via R2+O

+ Display of your PSID in the web panel /cpursx.ps3 is now available
for cfw 4.46 to 4.55

+ Unmount automatically dev_habib (dev_flash write) at system startup**
or via R2+∆ combo <- REMOVED

+ Improvement and correction of external files languages loading

+ Added support for unlisted languages with LANG_XX.TXT put into
/dev_hdd0/tmp and select under the name "unknown" in the web panel

+ Added a simply removal empty backup folder in /dev_hdd0 at
startup system** or via R2+∆ combo

+ Added support for some languages (Hugarian, Indonesian, Russian,
Turkish and Portuguese) available in the web panel

+ Some memory code optimizations by Aldostools

- Some optimizations and bug fixes detection backup in PS3ISO when bluray
scan contents is disabled in the web panel (thanks Aldostools)

- Fixed a bug when the dynamic fan control doesn't start on cfw 4.55
with clean cfw syscalls at startup system

* Added R2+R3+∆ and SELECT+ ←/→ ability to disable individually
combos in the web panel

* Updated some strings into languages files (German, French and Italian)

/!\ ** With panel option for clean cfw syscalls and delete history files /!\


Source webMAN MOD 1.29.3 + Installer/Updater pkg - Dev only:


webMAN v1.29.2 MOD Multi 6 [EN/FR/IT/ES/DE/NL]
By M@tsumot0

- Added option to set idps/psid spoof at startup system in the web panel
- Added Combo R2+∆ to remove history files and disables cfw syscalls lv1&lv2 peek&poke (6,7,9,10,36) except 8 and 35 with XMB popup, this avoids to restart for load any other backups. - Classic process
- Added option in web panel to remove history files and disables cfw syscalls lv1&lv2 peek&poke (6,7,9,10,36) except 8 and 35 at startup system, this avoids to restart for load any other backups. - Alternative process
- Added display of your IDPS EID0 (NAND/NOR) and LV2 in the web panel /cpursx.ps3 or via R2+O combo with XMB popup.
- Translate into 5 languages with external txt file for make your own translation! you can change the plugin language in the web panel.
- Added combo SELECT+LEFT/RIGHT for change minimal speed fan per 5%, also available for UP/DOWN.
- Added combo SELECT+L2+R2+R3 for reset webMAN settings in case of a technical problem during.
- You can disable all new combo added in the web panel.

webMAN MOD 1.30.15 Multi19

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