[PS3] - webMAN MOD 1.41.41

[PS3] - webMAN MOD 1.41.41

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Le développeur Aldostool revient sur le devant de la scène en mettant à jour son outil légendaire webMAN MOD. Estampillé version 1.41.41 celle ci intègre des corrections tel que la mise à jour du PS3M_API Server en 1.2.0, ainsi que l'ajout de la langue Chinois !
Je vous laisse apprécier les changements divers dans le Log ci dessous.


Log :

Changelog 1.41.41: (2015-04-05)

PS3M_API Server Update 1.2.0:
Add remote load of vsh plugin
Support now all features of PS3M_API v1.2.x (Set and get IDPS/PSID anytime, VSH plugins manager)
Bugfix: Memory can be now get and set on address upper 0x7FFFFFFF
Added auto-complete for plugins paths on ps3mapi editions

Updated chinese language (Thank to 小悠)
Fixed regression displaying special characters on File Manager for /net files
read_remote_dir now allocates memory based on free memory. This increases the limit of 866 entries to 1230-1599.
Added display of current file being copied/fixed to cpursx.ps3/START+SELECT
Added beep to /restart.ps3

Changelog 1.41.40: (2015-04-02)

Fixed display of ICON0 when "Disable multiMAN covers" is selected. (For ISOs without cached icons the multiMAN cover will be used if the image is available.)
Added support for scanning single letter subfolders on ps3netsvr.

Changelog 1.41.39: (2015-04-01)

Added support to toggle Cobra on 4.70 Habib
Added selection of PS1 emulator (ps1_netemu or ps1_emu) Hold R2 or L2 while mounting a PSX ISO to choose ps1_netemu or ps1_emu respectively.

Changelog 1.41.38: (2015-03-31)

Change: ISOs stored in subfolders do not include the folder name as part of the ISO
Changed redirection of PUP stored on root of /dev_bdvd to /dev_bdvd/PS3/UPDATE

webMAN MOD v1.41.41

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