[PS3] - webMAN MOD 1.30.8/1.30.8 fix4 : Deux nouvelles MAJ

[PS3] - webMAN MOD 1.30.8/1.30.8 fix4 : Deux nouvelles MAJ

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Nous voici avec une nouvelle update de l'outil de Aldostools et M@tsumoto webMAN MOD avec deux mises à jour, la première estampillé 1.30.8 avec comme nouvelle fonctionnalités l'ajout de nouveaux langages, ainsi que l'ajout de quelques options (voir les détails dans le log), puis la seconde update estampillé 1.30.8 fix4, qui lui ajoute également un nouveau langage (Italien), ainsi qu'une correction concernant les vidéos pour les CFW qui ne sont pas Cobra (voir le log ci dessous).

Voici le Log de la mise à jour :

Changelogs for webMAN MOD

1.30.8 fix4: - Update 3

Fixed a missing quotes that prevented the 'Copy Folder' work on the web interface;
Fixed "webMAN loaded" notification not being translated;
Updated Italian language for the new Copy functions;
Fixed the issue not scanning the "video" folder on non-Cobra editions

1.30.8: - Update 2

Addressed the duplicate “My Games” issue in the installer. (Thanks zar)
Added new “Copy Folder” option to the File browser.
Added option to copy individual files using /copy.ps3/
Replaced some copy code in mount_with_mm with the new copy functions. - Re-made the get covers / icons. Merged all related code in 3 functions.
Added Croatian language. Updated Hungarian.
Added new labels to all languages for the new Copy function.


    Added display of webMAN startup notification on non-Cobra CFW.
    Fixed PL language. Thanks to Raskolnikow.
    Improved the algorithm for covers scanning: only existing folders are scanned.
    Set back the minimum allowed fan speed to 25.

Code: Select All Code

    Disabled the option in the installer that upload the category_game.xml to dev_flash.
    Expanded the size of 3 notification messages to fix an issue in Greek language.


    Added option to include the ID of the game as part of the title;
    fixed issue scanning the covers;
    fixed issue on some labels displaying the (tm) symbol on XMB.


    The installer now can upload into flash a modified category_game.xml, if the webMAN’s My Games entry is missing;
    Fixed a bug switching languages;
    Fixed a bug in the label “Show PSP Launcher”;
    Added language: Modern Greek;
    Correct encode UTF-8-BOM for Korean language file;
    Change some signs utf-8 to unicodes.


    Labels on setup.ps3 now are clickable,
    Language now can be changed without have to restart,
    Fixed issue displaying notification messages,
    Enabled the Lowest speed to fan control,
    Increased the allowed minimum from 25 to 30,
    webMAN Setup on My Games now displays webMAN menu from XMB Manager Plus (if it’s installed),
    Scans for covers in more folders.


    Added support for Korean language [Translation by].
    Addressed a data type issue spoofing IDPS/PSID.
    Setup form is created using these functions: addcheckbox, addoptionitem, addradiobutton.


    now notifies when webMAN is loaded.
    Also the installer now includes the english language and a template for XX.
    A ccapi version is included (but not installed). Please don't ask for technical support about it.

webMAN MOD (non officiel) v1.30.8

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