[PS3] - Showtime v4.8 : Version Stable

[PS3] - Showtime v4.8 : Version Stable

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Showtime Media Center développé par Andreas Öman revient avec une version estampillé v4.7.116 avec un grand nombre de modifications.
En effet, le meilleur gestionnaire de média vidéo PS3 se met à jour dans cette version.

Si vous préférez utiliser la version adapté par Deank pour Multiman en version 04.07.095, dirigez vous vers ce lien.

Voici les changements apportés à celui ci dans le Log ci dessous :

Changes in 4.8
Major changes

Add support for streaming directly from bittorrent peer-to-peer network.
Improved HLS streamer, in particular better support for live streams and quicker adaption between bitrates.
New javascript engine for plugins ( which is actively maintained and offers much better support than Spidermonkey. Spidermonkey is now deprecated and will be removed for 5.0 so plugin authors are urged to port their plugins.
Major rewrite of user interface rendering code. This is a preparation for Showtime 5.0 which will sport a new user interface.

Minor changes

It's now possible to turn off automatic browsing of archives (ZIP and RAR) as folders.
It's now possible to configure the amount of time Showtime skips when seeking backward and forwards. Settings available in settings -> video playback.
Since February 2014 (Showtime version 4.5.108), clearing metadata does not erase playcount, resume point, etc.
Update the 'Clear metadata...' -warning text to reflect this.

Changes in 4.7.116
    Add SOCKS5 proxy support: Currently only available as commandline option --proxy hostort
    connman: If user wants to connect to a service, disconnect it first to avoid unresponsiveness
    Fix broken if/else ladder
    connman: Get rid of excessive g_variant_unref()
    ps3: Reduce time we show 'Forcing level 4.2 for content...
    linux: Fix broken keyboard input on newer (2013+) Linux dists
    Fix buffer delay miscalculations for real
    net: Improve TCP and HTTP debug
    ecmascript: Make page.loading work
    Fix use after free (buf_t) in subtitles
    Fix broken buffer delay estimation when pts is unset
    rtmp: Set correct duration
    media: Don't clear audio stream unless it's set to off …
    rtmp: Set correct mp_framerate
    media: Fix a debug helper
    sqlite: Don't log SQLITE_SCHEMA errors as sqlite retries automatically
    Run up to four metadata queries in parallel: Previously we serialized all lookups. This makes the lookup 4x faster and lot less likely to "choke" on a broken request
    Add some asserts in glw_image to track texture leakage
    Upgrade duktape to v0.11.0-23-g4411a39
    Get rid of an astray htsmsg_print()
    Fix double tcp_close() in OpenSSL wrapper
    OS X is more strict about what gets passed to connect()
    Fix build error on mac
    Fix build problems with clang
    Keep broken toolchain builds
    Another toolchain fix
    Fix unused variable
    ps3: New toolchain
    Fix torrent URI scheme
    torrent: Don't use redirects for torrent:movie:
    ps3: Add support for fs_fsinfo()
    torrent: Minor cleanup
    media: Cancel on EVENT_EXIT
    Don't handle ACTION_STOP in demuxer threads
    Add a task helper
    Move subtitle and audio track switching out from demux thread
    (This makes track switching almost instand if demux thread is blocked for long
    async: Log callbacks that takes a long time
    torrent: Handle corrupt data by retrying requests to different peers
    torrent: Add bencode_serialize()
    bittorrent: Add support for disk cache
    torrent: Fix infinite loop problem
    During shutdown, if shutdown failed after 5 seconds, force exit
    Restructure networking code to be less #ifdef:y
    bittorrent: Fix so it build on latest master
    bittorrent: Make it possible to shutdown a torrent and cleanup all resources (in RAM)
    asyncio: Fix various bugs
    Improve bittorrent client (Split peer code to peer.c / Improve handling towards trackers)
    Send have to peers even if they have it
    bytestream: Fix incorrect return values
    torrent: Send data
    bittorrent: More work
    fa: Add some IO stats during probing
    fa: Add deadline fops
    asyncio: Fix mem leak
    Fix memory leak in fa_cmp, something only used for debugging purpose
    media: Improve buffer stats
    Add average rate helper
    torrent: wip
    asyncio: Fix NOSIGPIPE on osx + various timeout related stuff
    htsmsg: Make it possible to read string as binary
    bittorrent: wip

Changes in 4.7.55
Fix build deps for debian targets
Add .doozer.json build control file
More autobuild fixes
More builddep fixed in Autobuild/
ps3: Need 'wget' to build
ps3: Add some missing build deps
ps3/autobuild: Force 'yes' when installing packages
ecmascript: Support tracking destroy and correct delete of subscriptions

Changes in 4.7.47
ecmascript/apiv1: Fix problem when no HTTP args are given
duktape: Add support for Array of query arg objects
duktape: Add support for searchers
htsmsg: Fix broken refcounts

Changes in 4.7.43
httpclient: Rework Location header escape handling
ecmascript: Improve prop support:
Add support for subscriptions
Add support for pagination

httpclient: Escape improperly encoded redirect URLs
linux: Extract distribution from lsb_release and store in gconf.os_info
linux: Log more info about current system
ecmascript: Make it possible to get an array of all registered ecmascript contexts
upgrade duktape to v0.10.0-328-g41366e7
First version of a Duktape integration [4.7.36]

Duktape is a EcmaScript (JavaScript) engine that I hope will replace
Spidermonkey eventually.

So far much of the Showtime APIs are lacking when plugins run in this engine.

Showtime Media Center v4.8

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UP !

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