[PS3] - SEN Enabler v5.9.0

[PS3] - SEN Enabler v5.9.0

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SEN Enabler se met à jour en version 5.9.0, le développeur Evilnat a ajouté à son outil la compatibilité aux CFW 4.76 ainsi qu'un Spoof 4.76.

Log :

In this version all menu is updated, now you can move through the menu with PAD buttons, the old method using each button for task is deleted, i saw some people who have PS3ITA 4.65 DEX and enabling SEN access "bricked" their PS3, can't enter to XMB and Recovery Menu, i don't know why, but i disabled spoof options in CFW PS3ITA 4.65 DEX to avoid issues like this, i will research in a future about what can cause this issues

Themes are disabled too, i need to update all the code and is impossible to do in a few minutes (i need days to update and check it), if you are using a theme will be replaced to SEN Enabler's default theme

SEN Enabler Plugin is updated and added all languages available from SEN Enabler, thanks to @3141card for his updated VSH Menu, i used it to add more languages, thanks bro and good work

To finish, i want to thank all people who have been patient for this release, i developed it at full speed to finish it, it will take a lot of more days to release it, thanks

For those who doesn't know how to enable SEN access, go to SEN/PSN Options and select Enable SEN/PSN access and not Custom spoof, 9.99 Spoof is not created to go online, so if you are using it


Remember to use Charles Proxy now along with SEN Enabler and block three URLs (you can add more if you want), this software will minimize ban risk, but a ban is not 100% avoided on CFW

Block all these URLs on Charles or similar: (Maybe you need to change "es" to your region, "us", etc...)
403 Forbidden

SEN Enabler v5.9.0 Changelog

Added last spoof from OFW 4.76 (online works again)
Menu improved
Updated Cobra data
Added support for CFWs 4.76
Added support for CFWs 4.75 DEX
Disables Habib's syscall11 in his CFW 4.75
SEN Plugin updated to v1.8
VSH Menu improved in SEN Plugin from 3141card's last fix
Added languages spanish/english/french/italian/russian/danish/deutsch/portuguese/polish in SEN Plugin
Added image version from 4.76 in Custom spoof option
Added version from 4.76 in Custom spoof option
Disabled spoof options in CFW 4.65 PS3ITA DEX due issues (Need more test)
Disabled themes until they are updated in next revision
Improved code

SEN Enabler v5.9.0

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