[PS3] - reActPSN v3.20+

[PS3] - reActPSN v3.20+

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ReActPSN v3.20+ se met à jour et inclut la compatibilité avec les CFW inférieur ou égale au 4.65 !
Je vous rappel que cet Hombrews permet d'activer votre contenu PSN (jeux, DLC ...) sans passer par une connexion internet !
Il permet également de lancer des backups depuis le XMB !
Voici le Log ci dessous.


Log :

reActPSN v3.20+

. Added support future CFW until new key added or code structure is changed. It should works on all old CFW. tested on CFW3.55 4.21-4.65, working very well.
reActPSN v3.17

. Added support DEX4.65.
. Only this tool has fixed random black screen bug when play external directoy games.

reActPSN v3.16

. Added support CFW4.65.
. Only this tool has fixed random black screen bug when play external directory games.

reActPSN v3.15

Fixed CFW4.60 new crash bug when connected some USB storage.
Added support backup games from internal folder GAMEZ.
Fixed CFW4.60 DLC 0x80010038 error.
Added support DEX4.55 CFW4.60.

reActPSN v3.14

Added support CFW4.60.

reActPSN v3.13
- (poorly translated)
* Enhanced bd direct boot game list algorithm,
* Fixed several bugs.

reActPSN v3.12

* Added auto copy external splitted game to HDD0/GAMES for bdselector.
* Added forced copy external splitted game to HDD0/GAMES for bdselector & bdloader.
* Added forced remove of game's internal copy (HDD0/GAMES) for bdselector & bdloader.
* Added support for CFW4.55.

reActPSN v3.11

* Added BDselector safe mode, support launch game from original BD icon.

* Added professional (fix seg6001) downgrade backup games & patches to BDselector & BDloader.

* Added forced repair incorrect downgraded by other game managers.

* Added remove webMAN's lastgame.txt, so it works very well on Cobra CFW.

reActPSN v3.10

Added new payload named GMmount: Direct boot any game from XMB is now possible.

This version support max 9 direct boot games: that is 7 last played games, 1 HDD0 new game, 1 USB new game.

Very simple to use, put the game to boot on an external hard disk, then run reActPSN,

Start the new game directly under the original disc icon.

ReActPSN v3.20+

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