[PS3] - PSNPatch v04.60.01 : Spoof Version Cobra 4.60

[PS3] - PSNPatch v04.60.01 : Spoof Version Cobra 4.60

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PSNPatch se met à jour en version 04.60.01. Kokotonix ajoute à son hombrew des plus utiles pour les gamers profitant d'un CFW sur le PSN, une version de spoof 4.60 pour CFW Cobra mise à jour, avec la correction d'un bug pour l'émulateur PS2 des versions spoofé, et une mise a jour du support des nouvelles versions de fichiers spoofé.
Voir le Log de la mise à jour ci dessous :

PSNpatch v4.60.01

[4.60.01] 24/07/2014

Cobra version spoofer to 4.60 updated:
Fixed broken ps2 emulator when version is spoofed(*);
Cobra core updated to directly support new version spoofed files;

Raps and edats can now be installed from any path in drives usb000 to usb007 or dev_hdd0 (internal hdd);drive from where raps are installed can be dynamically adjusted from psnpatch by pressing cursor up/down keys;
Added additional optional configuration file location ( usb001 - left usb port - see docs and psnpatch.cfg example file);
webMAN 1.30 updated for the "cobra-only" version (changed to ignore cobra version spoofing that is handled by psnpatch directly) - remove and install to update;
many many code optimizations;

(*) Thank you @Nathan_r32_69 and @smhabib for directing me into the hascalc tool.

PSNPatch v04.60.01

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