[PS3] - PrepNTFS v1.10

[PS3] - PrepNTFS v1.10

Message non lupar Snookyyyy » 01 Avr 2015, 19:43

Deank met à jour son outil PREPNTFS en version 1.10 !
Ce hombrew permet de lire les ISOs PS3, PS2, PSX, PSP, DVD et BD qui sont au préalable placé dans les dossiers suivants /PS3ISO, /PS2ISO, /PSXISO, /PSPISO, /DVDISO et /BDISO.
Voici le Log de la mise à jour.


Log :

Update 1.10 2015-02-28:
- Updated the PKG with the correct version of the tool.

Update 1.10 2015-02-25:
- Added detection of CD sector size for PSXISO (Requires updated Cobra/mamba)

Update 1.09 2015-01-30:
- Added support to scan split iso (.iso.0) on NTFS

Update 1.08 2015-01-15:
Added support to scan 1 level of subfolders on PS3ISO / PSXISO / BDISO / DVDISO
* previously only 1 letter subfolders was allowed or iso with the same name of the folder

Update 1.07 2015-01-07:
- Now detects .iso/.bin/.img/.mdf on BDISO, DVDISO and PSXISO

Update 1.06 2015-01-05:
* Added shadow copy of ICON0.PNG and PARAM.SFO to multiMAN's cache folder
* Added extraction of PIC1.PNG if multiMAN is installed

PrepNTFS v1.10

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