[PS3] - Multiman v04.66.10

[PS3] - Multiman v04.66.10

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Deank met à jour son outil Multiman estampillé 04.66.10 !
Il applique quelques corrections concernant les jaquettes de certains jeux ainsi que l'arrière plan d'animation lors du chargement de certains jeux au format .ISO.


Deank Wrote: Quote Originally Posted by deank
About multiMAN:
multiMAN is a multi-purpose Homebrew Application for a CFW enabled PS3. multiMAN Contains the functions of a Backup Manager for PS3/PS2/PS1/PSP/Retro Games. Also multiMAN contains a built in File Manager called mmOS and its very functional as pictured above.

multiMAN Supports most known CFW's from 3.55-4.XX.

multiMAN 04.66.10 is available.

multiMAN ver 04.66.10 BASE CEX (20150110).pkg (39.82MB)

Changes in 04.66.09-10:

Fixed game covers for split ISO games
Fixed game backgrounds for ISO games
Fixed few issues introduced in .08


Multiman v04.66.10

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