[PS3] - IRISMAN MOD v3.14 : Mise à jour importante

[PS3] - IRISMAN MOD v3.14 : Mise à jour importante

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Aldostool met à jour son gestionnaire de backups IRISMAN MOD en version estampillé v3.14.
C'est un mise à jour IMPORTANTE, qui inclus la correction du fichier explore_plugin_460.sprx et ajoute un addon pour les CFW 4.60 CEX seulement.

- Discless Addons now includes a fixed explore_plugin_460.sprx by Orion90
- Added a smaller Discless Addon package for 4.60 CEX only.
(If you already downloaded the Addons Pack install this PKG to fix the corrupted explore_plugin_460.sprx)

Changelog 3.14 (Jul 23/2014)
- Fix in File Manager for the "0.00 MB free" space left reported after copy.
- Fixed incorrect status returned in read_from_registry function.

Changelog 3.13 (Jul 18/2014)
- Updated code with mamba 1.35 released by @Joonie
(This release adds mamba support for 4.41DEX and fixes some wrong symbols on 4.46DEX)

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Supported CFW using mamba are:
CEX: 3.55/4.30/4.21/4.40/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.53/4.55/4.60
DEX: 3.55/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.55

- Updated UMOUNT_SYSCAL_OFFSET in payload_460.c with fixed offset found
by @zar
- Fixed issue displaying the free space on multiple devices in the File
- Added option to jump to root pressing SELECT+/\ if the cursor is over ..

Changelog 3.12 (Jul 11/2014)
- Added display of free disk space for all devices on File Manager.
- Fixed issue creating LV1 / LV2 in File Manager: Dumps will be created on the selected device.
- Fixed issue that limited some functions on File Manager by Parental Control.
- Added French & Spanish translation to some labels on Global menu. (Thanks to littlebalup)
- Fix for Homebrews returning to XMB when launched from IRISMAN.

Changelog 3.11 (Jul 11/2014)
- Merged mamba with updates by Joonie for 4.46DEX (Rebug).
- Added fix ATTRIBUTE for games with PS3_EXTRA.
- Fixed bug in prxloader.self.

Changelog 3.10 (Jul 10/2014)
- Fixed a regression in 3.09 in the BDEmu function (aka BD Mirror)

Changelog 3.09 (Jul 9/2014)
- Merged mamba 1.34 by Joonie.
(This version adds mamba support for 4.21CEX/4.40CEX/4.41CEX)
- Fixed issue listing NTFS games only
- Fixed issue in FTP listing NTFS devices
- Added Habib's fixes for errors 80010017 and 8001002b when running ISO with updates with disc inside.
- Added the patches for errors 8001003C, 8001003D, 8001003E from webMAN.
-Added option to avoid load mamba payload (adding InstallMamba = 0 to the settings.ini)

Changelog 3.08+: (Jul 7/2014)
- Added mamba support for 4.50 & 4.60 by Joonie.
(Thanks to Habib, EvilNat, Orion90 for their contributions)
- Added mamba support for 3.55 & 4.30 by aldostools.
- Added detection of buttons layout and auto-swap buttons if it's an asian console (O=Enter). The swap can be forced adding "SwapButtons = 1" to the settings.ini

Changelog 3.07: (Jul 2/2014)
- PS3 ISOs display ICON0 again when covers are disabled.
- Re-added the "Event ID" option on non-Cobra CFW in Global Menu (press SELECT on Tools)
* Game config now can read/update the game settings from multMAN.
* Now game config settings are auto-saved on exit from menu.
* Addressed an issue updating the game list.

Changelog 3.06: (Jul 1/2014)

- Fixed regression launching retro games (broken in 3.04-3.05)
- Added scan of roms in alternate path (multiMAN default path for roms)
- Addressed a flickering issue in the game list.
- Added support to list /net0/VIDEO & /net1/VIDEO on the Coverflow/Grid
- Fixed the overlapped labels (regression from 3.05)
- Restore default PSID & console id don't ask to save. It's not necessary as they are the default values.

Changelog 3.05: (Jun 30/2014)

- Fixed bug in "Test & Fix Game" when the game (folder format) don't have an update. It caused a black screen on games that require a higher firmware.
- Added shortcut to save and turn off the PS3 (R2+O)
- Now SELECT+START will open the File Manager in the folder of the selected game/ISO
- Current version of CFW is now displayed on Global menu

Changelog 3.04: (Jun 28/2014)

- Added support for 4.60 CEX (Thanks to smhabib for the payloads + fix + source code)
- Added mamba for 4.50 DEX (Thanks to Rancid-O for port & files)
- Added offset for PSID/IDPS on 4.60 CEX (Thanks to Orion90 for offsets & ErMaK86 for the LV2 dump)
- Improved the speed and provide more feedback of progress on Build ISO function
- Added support to launch additional homebrews (PRXLoader, CDGPlayer, GamePad Test, multiMAN, etc.)
- PRX-Loader now can be auto-launched when the manager is closed.
(The option may need to enabled in settings.ini. It is launched only if /dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt exists and running on a non-Cobra CFW 4.21 to 4.55)
- Fixed freeze issue when the Game Options was accessed for PS1 games stored on /PSXGAMES folder.
- Changed behavior of L1/R1 in "XMB-like" GUI to jump 10 games forward/backward.
- Fixed some issues listing games with Game List filters.
- Limited use of background on large grids (8x5 and above)
- Replaced grid 6x6 with grid 7x6
- Restructured & optimized the source code in several parts.
- Added back & up/down buttons to the Select Disc Order menu where a PS1 multi-disc is selected to launch.

- Available: a new Discless Addon-PKG with libs_patched.sprx and patched explore_plugins for 3.41, 3.55 and 4.21 to 4.60. Required to play games in disc-less mode on non-Cobra CFW.

Changelog 3.03: (Jun 24/2014)

- Added Mamba payloads for 4.55DEX PS3ITA
- Added offset for spoofing psid/idps on 4.55DEX
- Added spoof to 4.60 when spoof version is enabled in settings.ini (tested only on 4.46 CEX Cobra 7.0)
- Display of covers in File Manager for files that start with a content id (pkg, rap, edat, etc.)

Changelog 3.02: (Jun 21/2014)

- New XMB-Like GUI (it's a clean GUI where you can appreciate better the background image of the game)
- webMAN integration for display of network games on IRISMAN
(there is a combo that also let display all webMAN games on IRISMAN, but that's just for fun as IRISMAN can handle the other file types)
- Added several game list filters (Retro only, PS1+PS2+PSP only, dev_hdd0 only, ntfs + PS3 only, Homebrews, all games, etc.)
- Mount shared network folders (net0/ or net0/PKG) to browse the remote path with the File Manager
- Added file count/total size, folder count to File Manager statistics
- Edit PARAM.SFO directly from File Manager (no need hex editor)
- Fixed some broken functions in Hex Editor due new buttons mapping.
- Launch LUA scripts stored on any folder directly from File Manager
- And many other improvements (internal in the code, bug fixes, improved functions, more combos , etc.)

Changelog 3.00: (Apr 20/2014)

- Read/write access to NTFS devices from FTP server
- Support to customize ftp port (default: 21) – Changing the port (e.g. 2121) you can use IRISMAN and webMAN’s ftp servers concurrently.
- Added SITE RESET command for soft reboot

- Audio/Videos can be launched and played directly (This feature uses deank’s version of SHOWTIME.SELF)
- Supported Audio/Video file extensions are customizable in the settings.ini
- Added support to several audio/video file extensions
- Videos now can be deleted directly from the Game List (Grid/Coverflow)

- Added support to launch ROMs (Requieres RetroArch
- ROM paths and supported file extension are customizable in the settings.ini
- Cores settings can be customized individually
- ROMs now can be deleted directly from the Game List (Grid/Coverflow)

File Manager
- Copy of file/folders on internal hdd now use shadow copy instead of regular copy (This change speeds up the copy function and save hdd space)
- Launch videos/audio files and ROMs directly from File Manager

- Fixed issue related to the display of game version
- Fixed issue scrolling PS2/PSP game options (Triangle menu)

Changes in IRISMAN 2.93-12: (Easter Eggs (changelogs) Reveled for this version)

- Fixed load of last game using L1 starting the manager
- Fixed delay of about 5 seconds after installing a PKG from File Manager
- Added auto fix for ISOs (fix error 80010009 on games that require a higher fw version)
- Added support to mount the PS2 Classic ISO.BIN.ENC to the CaptainCPS-X's PS2 Classics Placeholder folder just pressing X on the encrypted ISO in File Manager

Changes in IRISMAN 2.93-11:

- Added PSP ISO support on Cobra CFW (thanks to master deank for webMAN's source code)
- Added 'Fix Game' option to File Manager menu (fix error 80010009 on games that require a higher fw version)
- Added 'Refresh Game List' option to Global Menu (SELECT+R3)
Minor tweaks to the GUI

Changes in IRISMAN 2.93-10:

- Added support to display covers from multiMAN's covers_retro folder (PS1/PS2).
- Added display of TITLE ID for PS1/PS2 in Game Options menu (TRIANGLE)
- Fixed issue that closed the Global Settings menu when NTFS was refreshed.


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