[PS3] - GameSonic : Deux versions "Light"

[PS3] - GameSonic : Deux versions "Light"

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Orion revient sur le devant de l'underground Sony avec une nouvelle version de son gestionnaire de backup GameSonic.
Une nouvelle version appelé "light" ainsi qu'une mise à jour de GameSonic [Singstar] estampillé GameSonic [Singstar Light].

Il nous explique qu'après avoir publié une version complète de son manager estampillé GameSonic v3.11 (news-underground-sony/gamesonic-manager-v3-11-mamba-payload-cfw-dex-t684932.html), Orion a donc publié une version que l'on pourrait qualifier de simple.

Orion Wrote:Originally Posted by Orion (Google Translation)
Boys yesterday after a discussion with the users very fond Gamesonic Manager, we came to a conclusion: The manager has too many features and you have to remove them, but at the same time I'm not going to lose all of the features that I have added to Gamesonic Mnagaer in recent months so I decided to make 2 versions, one full with all the functions and now sarebeb Gamesonic Manager v3.11 and Light (Simple) in which they are taken off the boot of homebrew and external functions of the advanced tools menu.

Plus de détails dans le Log ci dessous :


After removing the boot of homebrew to external managers (Showtime-TestPad-Multiman-RetroArch).
Removed the Advanced Tools menu with all its functions (Spoof, Plugin Installer).
Kept all the other functions of Gamesonic Manager v3.11.

GameSonic Light Version

GameSonic [Singstar Remplacement Light Edition]

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